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Q. What is it?

A. No more "dialing" around for your favorite station...Introducing the Peltor Worktunes AM/FM radio earmuff. These Peltor Worktunes earmuffs feature clear sounding, digital audio and easy-to-use push button controls that let you tune into your favorite station instantly. Use the seek/scan button to find your favorite radio station or program up to five preset stations. Peltor Earmuffs feature wide ear cushions for low pressure and an excellent seal. Fully adjustable headband accommodates a wide range of head sizes and is padded for long wearing comfort. Includes input jack and 45"" cord so you can listen to your MP3 player or other audio devices. Volume limiter keeps a safe sound limit of 82 dB. Powered by two "AA" batteries (not included) which provide 140 hrs. of operation time. NRR of 26 dB. 19.6 oz. Imported. See all Hearing Protection Supplies

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