Assurance Male Guard 52ct

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Q. What is it?

A. Assurance Male Guard, 48-Count: Omni-Odor Guard reduces odor without fragrances or deodorantsInstasorb layer quickly draws moisture away from the surface and into the pad, so the Velsoft cover stays dry and comfortable next to your skinLiquid is locked inside the super-absorbent padding to help prevent leaksFlexible gathers offer side leakage protectionAssurance guards have contoured shape and special cup design to ensure a more comfortable, natural fit and help protect against leaksAdhesive strip keeps guard securely in place

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A. This product (Assurance Male Guard 52ct) made by Assurance. You can buy it on Walmart US for the best price available online, under Pet SuppliesFish & Aquatic PetsWater Treatments categories. or just click here.

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