Crane USA Large Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 1.5 Gallon - 1 ea

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Q. What is it?

A. Connect with Comfort Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier Connects to WiFi & Can Be Operated with Free Crane Phone App Ultrasonic Cool Mist Increases Air Moisture for Easier Breathing & a Good Night's Sleep Relieves Cough, Cold, & Flu Symptoms, Nasal Congestion, Dry Cough, Sinus Irritation, Nose Bleeds, Dry Skin & Hair Clean Control Antimicrobial Material in the Base is Proven to Help Reduce Mold & Bacteria Growth up to 99.96%* Removable 1.5 Gallon Water Tank Runs Whisper Quiet up to 48 Hours Mists up to 2 Gallons of Moisture per Day Effectively Humidifies Rooms up to 500 Square Feet 360 Mist Nozzle with Variable Mist Output & Humidity Control Settings Auto-Off Function Activates When Water Tank is Empty Uses Less Energy than a Standard Household Light Bulb - Up to 45 Watts Does Not Require a Filter LCD Display with Humidistat & Sleep Timer function Humidifier Metal Stand Included Made in China Please Note: This item has been built to U.S. electronics specifications and may needs additional modifications or converters to be used in countries other than the U.S. and Canada.

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A. This product (Crane USA Large Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 1.5 Gallon - 1 ea) made by Crane USA. You can buy it on Walgreens for the best price available online, under Health & Personal CareHealth CareHumidifiers categories. or just click here.

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