Febreze Unstopables Scented Candle Air Freshener Shimmer - 4.3 oz.

Made by Febreze

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Home & Kitchen Home D?0063006Fr Candles & Holders Candles Scented Candles

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Q. What is it?

A. Light an Unstopables Candle to make your bathroom feel like it has a wing of its own. The refreshingly indulgent scent lasts for hours and hours, just like a trip to your favorite spa. It's the ultra-long-lasting luxury of Unstopables. Smell like the lifestyle you deserve. Product Features & Attributes Unstopables Scented Candles feature lavish scents that elevate the everyday. Say hello to luxury with the enticingly light, fruity, and floral scent of SHIMMER, Long-lasting Unstopables Candles Make your home smell like you have money to burn. Boutique-worthy fragrance readily available at your well-manicured fingertips. Available in a variety of paparazzi-attracting scents-Fresh; Shimmer, and Lush,Unstopables SHIMMER Candles

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A. This product (Febreze Unstopables Scented Candle Air Freshener Shimmer - 4.3 oz.) made by Febreze. You can buy it on Walgreens for the best price available online, under Home & KitchenHome D?0063006FrCandles & HoldersCandlesScented Candles categories. or just click here.

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