Funimation Burst Angel DVD Box Set + OVA VC

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Sports & Outdoors Exercise & Fitness Exercise Videos

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Q. What is it?

A. In a crime ridden future, the streets of Tokyo are patrolled by RAPT, the organization responsible for maintaining peace and order. In this bleak world the citizenry are legally allowed to carry and wield firearms - but so are the criminals. It is RAPT's purpose to dispense quick justice on those who would violate or abuse the law. But buried deep underground in secret labs, monsters of unimaginable terror are being forged using a new science, having their organic cells fused with machine parts

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A. This product (Burst Angel DVD Box Set + OVA VC) made by Funimation. You can buy it on GameStop for the best price available online, under Sports & OutdoorsExercise & FitnessExercise Videos categories. or just click here.

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