Gravity Defyer Simina Peep-Toe Leather Slingback Heel

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Q. What is it?

A. Brand & Style - Gravity Defyer Simina Width - Medium (B, M) True Color - BlackUpper Material - Leather Outsole Material - Rubber Heel Height - 1.5 Inches Gravity Defyer shoes are produced specifically to improve foot health and to relieve common pains and complications in the feet, legs, and back that arise from improper footwear. Gravity Defyer shoes feature their revolutionary VersoShock Trampoline Technology that absorbs shock and propels you forward with each step. Gravity Defyer shoes maximize cushioning, support, and stability to reduce stress on your feet. Men's, women's, and kids' Gravity Defyer shoes come in a range of athletic styles as well as casual loafers, oxfords, flats, and more. ps4328585

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