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Q. What is it?

A. Loaded in Italy to the highest standards in consistency and reliability, Herters has the perfect load for home defense or practice at the range. Using high-quality powder, shot and hulls, these unique loads deliver excellent dependability and performance at an affordable price. Available: 12-ga. #00 Mini-Buckshot Mini-buckshot has less felt recoil than full-size buckshot. Increase your magazine capacity with these short shells. Not for use in semi automatic shotguns. Per 10. 12-ga. #00 Buckshot Crafted with high-quality components, this versatile buckshot is suitable for personal and home defense. Per 10. Multidefense Shotshells The ultimate knockdown power with a 0.65 round lead ball, backed by six No. 1 buckshot pellets. 12 ga. Per 10. Double Round Ball Shotshells Extremely effective personal- and home-defense loads. Two 0.65 round lead balls deliver excellent knockdown power. 12 ga. Per 10. .410 #000 Buckshot Built for personal and home defense with shotguns and revolvers. Per 25. Type: Buckshot.

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