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Q. What is it?

A. This ammunition is loaded by Sellier Bellot, one of the worlds oldest, most-respected manufacturers, renowned for its affordable and reliable cartridges. Theyre made using high-quality powders, bullets and primers to ensure consistent feeding and hard-hitting accuracy. Herters Select-Grade rifle ammo is available in a large selection of centerfire calibers. These new-manufacture reloadable cartridges are ideal for target shooting and hunting. Contains steel. Type: Centerfire Rifle Ammunition.

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A. This product (Herter's Rifle Ammo) made by Herter's. You can buy it on Cabela's for the best price available online, under Sports & OutdoorsHunting & FishingHuntingGun Storage & SafesAmmunition & Magazine Pouches categories. or just click here.

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