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Q. What is it?

A. Razor Electric Dune Buggy with 8 inch knobby tires and terrain following rear suspension for a smooth ride with speeds up to 9 MPH. Variable chain driven motor carries riders up to 120 lbs., bucket seat with seat strap, hand operated rear disc brake. For ages 8+. Always read all included instructions and manuals completely before riding the Dune Buggy. Always check and obey all local laws or regulations, including but not limited to those laws and regulations related to mandatory helmet use and to restrictions on where the Dune Buggy may be ridden. The Dune Buggy is not returnable to Brookstone. All returns must be to Razor directly.

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A. This product (Razor Dune Buggey) made by RAZOR USA, INC.. You can buy it on Brookstone for the best price available online, under Health & Personal CarePersonal CareShaving & Hair RemovalManual Shaving categories. or just click here.

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