RelaxoDog Wireless Sonic Tranquilizer

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Q. What is it?

A. A wireless sonic tranquilizer for anxious dogs. Soothing, subliminal sound waves, inaudible to human ears, induce deep relaxation in dogs during stressful situations such as home alone, thunderstorms, vet visits or travel. Developed by German engineers, this ingenious stress solution is specifically attuned to the hearing of dogs, and is an effective chemical-free alternative with no side effects. Dual-mode option: choose to play sounds heard only by your dog or switch to a music-added mode that you can hear also. Compact unit is 2 1/8 '' high. Portable waterproof case holds an indoor/outdoor speaker system, instructional DVD, USB power pack, recharging cable and crate strap for travel.

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RelaxoDog Wireless Sonic Tranquilizer

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