Sportspower Mills Canyon Wooden Swing Set

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Q. What is it?

A. ;br;;b;Sportspower Mills Canyon Wooden Swing Set:;/b;;ul;;b;Key Benefits:;/b;;li;Kids benefit from frequent physical activity and exercise;li;You benefit from knowing the kids are secure in your own backyard;li;Offers a great value in outdoor play for the whole summer;/ul;;ul;;b;Features; Specifications:;/b;;li;Sturdy wood construction;li;Wooden roof provides shade for little ones;li;Playhouse balcony for an awesome view;li;Assembled dimensions: 13;11.75;L x 13;1.3;W x 8;11;H;li;Imported;/ul;;ul;;b;What;s Included:;/b;;li;2 sling swings;li;Roman glider;li;8; wavy fun slide;li;Rock climbing wall;li;Sand box;/ul;;ul;;b;Assembly:;/b;;li;Assembly required;li;Instructions included;/ul;;br;;b;Site to Store Pickup Note:;/b; This item is packaged in multiple large boxes that may not fit in a standard-sized vehicle. Please make sure you have a large car or truck for store pickup.;ul;;li;Box 1 dimensions: 91.75;L x 21.7;W x 7.9;H; weight: 110.25 lbs;li;Box 2 dimensions: 91.75;L x 21.7;W x 5;H; weight: 88.2 lbs;li;Box 3 dimensions: 91.75;L x 21.7;W x 4.75;H; weight: 90.4 lbs;/ul;

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Sportspower Mills Canyon Wooden Swing Set

Sportspower Mills Canyon Wooden Swing Set