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Q. What is it?

A. As twilight falls, the moment this lovely maiden eagerly anticipated has finally come - marrying her soul mate as the Winter Moon rises above the mountains, uniting them under its hypnotic glow. Now, let the romance of this tale unfold before you with the Winter Moon Bride Doll, a first-ever porcelain winter moon bride doll by award-winning artist Sandra Bilotto featuring Native American-inspired costuming. Available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, she is destined to take your breath away! This collectible bride doll, inspired by Native American lore, is handcrafted in hand-painted porcelain, poseable and stands an impressive 22 inches high. She is beautifully costumed in a Native American-inspired ensemble comprised of a faux suede fringed dress with a matching faux-fur trimmed shawl, knee-high moccasins and an enchanting headdress. This stunning bride doll is adorned with hundreds of hand-applied beads from head to toe in the colors of blue and turquoise as a symbol of the Winter Moon's guidance and copper-toned beads to represent a firm grounding in her marriage. Plus, real feathers in her headdress, dress and bridal bouquet add the finishing touches for her special day. This high level of detail is sure to generate collector excitement, so don't wait! Order now!

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