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Q. What is it?

A. She moves through the world with quiet majesty - serene, yet seductive. But dare to arouse her wrath and she will unleash her inner dragon, sure to bring woe to any evil-doer who challenges her power! This stunning Emerald Enticement collectible fantasy doll brings together the romantic fantasy art of renowned artist Nene Thomas and the award-winning doll artistry of Cindy McClure for the first time ever! The magical result is a breathtaking doll with a powerful mystique, a 2011 DOTY award winner with spectacular costume details and her own sculpted inner dragon designed to pose with her.Available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, this fantasy doll is full of glamorous details to transport you to her world of romantic fantasy. Inspired by Nene Thomas's visionary artwork, Cindy McClure sculpts a doll with elegant anatomy and musculature, realized in artist's quality resin. She is dressed in nothing but the finest materials, with golden chains, simulated emerald jewels and silvery sculpted armor. The removable sculpted dragon that perches on her forearm is a work of art in itself. To bring the powerful romantic fantasy of these two fine artists into your home, don't wait. High demand from their many fans is expected, so order now!

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