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Q. What is it?

A. Get the party started with the UE MEGABOOM portable wireless speaker by Ultimate Ears. This cutting-edge speaker will have your music playing all around you as it blasts amazing 360-degree sound with deep, heart-pounding bass. A portable model that can easily go wherever you go, it has a fun grab 'n' go shape that is shockingly light at 1.93 pounds. Take it to the pool or even out in the rain, the UE MEGABOOM is also waterproof (IPX7) so a little bit of water is no big deal. It's all about the bass, and amazing sound all around Dual passive radiators, performance drivers and advanced digital signal processing come together perfectly to drive loud, rich, clear and balanced sound, giving your playlist the life you never knew it had. Take your pick: Stereo or Double When you use the Double Up feature you can actually add another UE MEGABOOM or a UE BOOM to take your party up to the next level. When you use the app to control the balance, you can choose between Stereo sound or Double sound. Party-goers will be amazed by the clarity and power of the bumping beats. Durable to hold up in any party atmosphere Ultimate Ears doesn't take durability lightly. Not only do they know how to create amazing sound, but they put their products through rigorous testing to ensure the utmost life resistance. Never lose connection or control Stroll outside for some air, but keep the party tunes in your control. You can wander up to 100 feet away and still maintain connection to the UE MEGABOOM with the speaker s extended Bluetooth range. Or, connect to two devices at once so you and a friend can take turns being the DJ. When a call comes in, enjoy the crystal-clear conversation while taking a break from the music. Keep the party going anytime, anywhere Powered by a long-life, 20-hour rechargeable battery with no extra cords to connect, this speaker will take charge of the scene and keep the tunes playing into the wee hours. Even if you do run low, Ultimate Ears has you covered. It's included, ultra-fast micro USB charger that can return your MEGABOOM to full power in only two and a half hours. When you press the plus (+) and the minus (-) buttons together, you can see how much power is left. Unlock additional features with UE MEGABOOM app As if its powerful audio capabilities weren't enough, the UE MEGABOOM app brings with it additional capabilities. Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet to unlock an expanding set of cool expanded features like the musical alarm, fully customizable 5-band EQ, and remote on/off controls. You'll never have to walk all the way to your speaker again to control it do it all from afar. And through regular speaker updates, UE MEGABOOM will continue to get better. Think of it as a living, learning speaker. Start a virtual Block Party Use the UE MEGABOOM app to take turns playing DJ. The Block Party feature lets up to three friends connect to a single UE MEGABOOM. You can then play, share, battle and discover new music with friends via your UE MEGABOOM. Awaken to songs you choose With the musical alarm feature of the UE MEGABOOM app, you can wake up to your favorite songs, Spotify playlists, Pandora stations and more. Five-Band EQ The fully customizable five-band equalizer, accessible through the UE MEGABOOM app, lets you custom-tune the sound so it's just your speed and style. Add a little bass, bump up the high and mids. The choice is yours. What's In the Box One Ultimate Ears UE MEGABOOM wireless speaker, power adapter and USB cable.

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